Who uses our services?

The list is endless but examples are:


LANDLORDS requiring a diagnosis of a tenant's complaint.


VENDORS requiring confirmation or otherwise from a PCA surveyor of a problem highlighted

by a Purchaser's representative.


PURCHASERS   requiring   an  honest  appraisal  of  any  potential  rising  damp,  basement waterproofing or  timber  issues.  Homebuyer's  surveyor's  are increasingly recommending  Independent Specialist Surveys,  irrespective of  any  existing guarantees.


GUARANTEE HOLDERS  requiring  an impartial and unbiased opinion  on  a recurring problem.   Independent   Specialist   Surveys   do  not  normally get involved in litigation.......


PROJECT MANAGEMENTWhilst  Independent  Specialist  Surveys  would always recommend  that  the  treatment  for  rising  damp,  dry  rot  and basement waterproofing..........


OTHER SURVEYORS requiring someone with specialist knowledge of rising damp, woodworm, dry rot and basement waterproofing.


BUILDERS requiring specialist advice and guidance.


MANAGING AGENTS requiring a diagnosis of a complaint.


ESTATE AGENTS dismissive of 'free' surveys and requiring an Independent

Specialist Survey.


THOSE REMORTGAGING requiring an independent damp and timber survey.