Project Management


Whilst we would always recommend that the treatment for rising damp, dry rot and  basement waterproofing be undertaken by a specialist contractor who  is a member of the Property Care Association  and who can offer  insurance backed guarantees, we  understand  that  in  some instances Client's prefer to use their own contractors,with whom they already have a  working relationship. They may feel  that  they know the  quality  of  their contractors workmanship  and

there   is   a  high  degree  of  mutual   trust. This   can  be   particularly  relevant  in  a  complete refurbishment   project,  where  for  instance,  during  the  stripping-out stage  an  outbreak  of  either dry or wet rot is uncovered.  The  majority  of  the  remedial  works  will  probably  be the renewal of infected, structurally unsound timbers,  such  as  floor  joists  and  lintels,  with  the  application  of  chemicals  forming  a  small  part  of  the  works  if  dry  rot  is the cause. Whilst there is no reason  that  a competent  builder  should  not be able to carry out the actual works, he should not be expected to determine the extent or the scope of the works required.We  can  carry  out  a  survey  to  ascertain  the extent of the outbreak, the scope of the works required, compile a schedule   of  works  and liaise  with  your  contractor,  making  regular  site  visits to ensure compliance  with  our  specification and that good building practice is maintained, giving you the best of both worlds.